Hughes Brown practices real estate and banking law with a heavy emphasis on residential and commercial real estate closings, and title abstracts and insurance on both.

Loan Closings

Hughes Brown strives to make the real estate closing process as simple and streamlined as possible for all parties involved. When dealing with real estate transactions, the services and advice of an experienced and trusted real estate attorney can be essential in protecting your best interests. With our representation you can be confident that every detail – from the legal to the financial – is in good hands. One call to book a closing is generally the only effort it takes to bring the closing to a smooth conclusion.

Abstracts & Title Searches

Hughes Brown offers precise and efficient title search services. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in North Mississippi from knowing family lineages and thousands of property titles being abstracted. As a material part of this we have handled and resolved a multitude of issues effecting titles, leases, contracts and other legal documents, as well as opinions prepared by other attorneys to advise on legal issues in connections with titles.

Complex Litigation

Our firm represents and advises clients through lawsuits or appeals as a result of a dispute, including prevention and settlement, in such areas as labor law, contract disputes, oilfield, real estate, and business and commercial matters. We do not handle any domestic, criminal or bankruptcy matters; though we can generally direct clients to providers of that legal assistance.

Employment Law

Employees are guaranteed certain protections under state and federal laws, including protection from employment discrimination, the right to unionize and benefit rights, among others. Classification or Misclassification of employees as independent contractors or as outside sales people in an effort to avoid paying overtime has been a recent trend and one we have been successful in litigating on a national basis.